Marketing Campaign

Marketing Campaign

  • Client: John Smith
  • Start: January 2023
  • Category: Environment
  • Finish: February 2023

An awareness and educational video highlighting the importance of recycling.

Project Overview

This is a typical project where stock videos and images are used to deliver an important message. All materials used are licensed and the video can be upload to any social media site without any issues.

Key Considerations

There are many important aspects of this type of videos that are often neglected by others.

  • Use of appropriate video
  • Speed of video
  • Utilization of approriate sound
  • Special effects
  • Voice-over quality.

Our Services

In a project such as this, we can provide you with the following:

  • Script writing
  • Selection among a large number of stock videos
  • Selection among many genres of music
  • AI or Human Voicever