Corporate Training

In this project a series of videos were created which were used as part of the company’s micro-learning strategy. Project Overview Videos were created to explain concepts within 5-7 minutes.

Recruitment Courses

In this project, we created multiple videos highlighting the recruitment process for a large corporation in the Healthcare sector. Project Overview This project required multiple discovery sessions and working with

Marketing Awareness

A video to increase awareness across multiple social media channels. Project Overview Leveraging stock video, great music and professional voiceover, the company is able to deliver their message with great

Virtual Classroom

Creating content for the in-person or virtual classrooms. Project Overview In this project, a video quiz is used as a more engaging way to ensure students remember certain topics. Our

Marketing Campaign

An awareness and educational video highlighting the importance of recycling. Project Overview This is a typical project where stock videos and images are used to deliver an important message. All